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Compassion Park – A Place To Call Home

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Compassion Center Information


The Compassion Center has long been an advocate of nontraditional approaches to relieving homelessness. As the pioneers in this field in Santa Clara County we developed and piloted the Almost Home camping program, demonstrating that dignity and stability can be restored through the creation of a community housed in nontraditional ways.

The Community Plan to End Homelessness, adopted by Santa Clara County, calls for disruptive strategies and innovative prototypes that transform the systems related to housing homeless people.

We believe that Compassion Park, a place where the homeless can live in a variety of tiny home and bunkhouse options, plus a Safe parking option, will provide safe and legal alternatives to the streets, with a quicker timeframe and lower cost than traditional housing development, and better success than mass shelter options.  We are dedicated to develop two Compassion Parks that follow the principles of Housing First, one in South County and one in San Jose. The concept is replicable and can be implemented in any community that is willing to think outside the box and provide real solutions to our growing homelessness epidemic.

Each Compassion Parks will provide a village of approximately 200 units clustered in small “neighborhoods”.  These developments will be comparable in amenities to an RV park and include small individual units with a built in bathroom and kitchen, in addition to shared community facilities such as laundry, restrooms, showers and clubhouse.  The villages will provide all utilities including internet connectivity as well as amenities such as play areas, dog parks and tree coverage.  The Compassion Center, along with its partners, will utilize a team approach to provide integrated support services onsite.  The new resident intake process will include a needs assessment and provide immediate access to both shelter and crisis services.  This process will eliminate the alienation from support systems, streamline the referral process and interventions and increase care coordination.  This approach will provide access to a full range of support services including mental health and medical care as well as social and legal services.

Finally, the third leg of the program will include vocational training and self-supporting commercial initiatives.  These commercial initiatives will both provide the homeless with income to pay for housing and generate operating income that will support Compassion Park operations.

It will take a public-private partnership and the community as a whole to develop a Compassion Park.  As part of proposal development, the Compassion Center has reached out to a number of experienced and well-qualified partners who will participate in the development, management and operation of the Compassion Parks.


The Tiny House …gives some stability to those like me who otherwise, would not be able to put or afford to put their families or loved ones anywhere. There are a lot of places I have put my family to sleep, wondering if we would be alive the next day, wondering if the rain was going to get us all wet, and worse, death. “

… would you feel better knowing someone you helped is safe in a Tiny Home with their family, or could you sleep at night knowing the family you just saw had nowhere to lay their kids heads, or theirs.”

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE AND SUPPORT THE TINY HOUSE PROJECT” with out it my kids would be in a children’s shelter probably, I would be under a bridge. And people would just walk by without notice.”

The Tiny house is small, but yet so roomy, its an acceptable way to live vs Tents, and Tarps all over the community. If each city purchased, a certain amount of these Tiny Homes and used vacated or open Government land to make tiny house communities, I am sure it would not only clean up the sides of Alleys or Creeks, even vacant buildings, but it would and might even take some of the ugliness away and and a little beauty, where there once wasn’t. “